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Selections from Searching for Scruggs presents 36 articles from the first 30 years of our family journal.

Cover of Selections from Searching for ScruggsAnyone interested in the stories of the family of Scruggs from the earliest known records in Britain to modern times should purchase a copy of this publication.

A reviewer states:  I just received my copy of the Selections from ‘Searching for Scruggs’… The book is filled with interesting information that has been found by some of the most ardent researchers of the Scruggs line. The 388 pages are indexed for names and the book includes the latest historical finds from resources in England and from DNA research…I think the book will rival the noted Dunklin book that most Scruggs researchers start with… The Dunklin book reads more like the naming of descendants in Exodus whereas this is an interesting history of various lines of our ancestry punctuated with articles written by members over the years on the various Scruggs lines. I consider it a welcome addition to my personal research library.  

Ordering Information:  To ensure that SFA receives a greater royalty on the sale, you may wish to order on-line from the publisher, CreateSpace.com.  (In the search box at the top right, change the drop-down from “Site” to “Store.”)  You may also order from Amazon.com.  If you prefer not to order in this manner, ask your local bookstore to obtain copies for you.  The  number to   give the clerk is ISBN-10: 1450557732.