We Search for Scruggs Past & Present
Scruggs Family Association

Welcome to the Scruggs Family Association


  • To search out, record, and preserve the history and genealogy of the Scruggs Family in America.
  • To research the ancestry of the earliest Scruggs ancestors in America, England, and Scotland.
  • To establish and maintain a Scruggs family archives and library.
  • To promote fellowship and coordinate interchange of information among SFA members.


  • The Scruggs Family Association was founded in 1981 and currently consists of almost 120 members residing inĀ 29 states and 2 foreign countries.
  • Membership in SFA is open to all those with the Scruggs surname, Scruggs in their family or in their ancestry, or with an interest in Scruggs genealogy.
  • The affairs of SFA are managed by the officers and board of directors elected by the members.


  • Our repository of Scruggs genealogical information is maintained in the office of the Archivist.
  • Our semi-annual publication, “Searching for Scruggs”, contains new data, information from our members, research, and queries.
  • Our Scruggs DNA project works to establishe the relationship between various Scruggs lines.
  • The objectives of SFA are accomplished by the volunteer work and cooperative effort of the officers and members.